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Skateboarding’s Not a Crime

In front of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona are dozens of skateboarders doing their thing.

They spend much of their day in the air as part of their bag of tricks, which are performed on an ongoing basis.

In order to catch and stop the action, I use my Canon 5D camera with a Canon L Series 24-105 mm lens.

I put my camera into burst mode and start shooting just when I see that the skateboarder is going to do his trick (you know that he is when his speed picks up and his arms start to move).

I try to not zoom in anymore than 50 mm so there is less chance of the image going soft. I set my camera to it’s widest aperture f/4 in aperture priority mode so as to get the sharpest frozen action I can get.

Finally, one of the reasons this image is so compelling is that it was shot on a cloudy day so that there are no shadows to take away from the subject. There are also no distractions to interfere with the focus on the skateboarder in the background.

There you have it–shoot at wide aperture, use minimal focal lengths and keep the background clean.

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