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Stairway to Heaven

It was a long time ago since the Led Zeppelins sang, “Stairway to Heaven.” As soon as I looked at my digital camera’s LCD screen after I took this shot, I knew I had it. The perfect picture to go with the song.

Now this shot wasn’t easy to take. If I don’t say so myself, it took some ingenious thinking.

You see, I set my camera on the escalator railing thats in the  L’Ciaxa building in Bacelona. This put my camera into motion. As the escalator went up, I just kept shooting (in burst mode). The result was this image, an image where the camera is moving with respect to the background, but not moving with respect to the subject (the woman on the left).

As a photographer, I have to take chances–do what’s different to come up with pictures that are different.

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