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Amusement Park Ride

When you photograph amusement park rides at slow shutter speeds you get something akin to a painting, swirling, gyrating, penetrating.

Last night I went down to the Indio Date Fest (the Riverside CA County Fair) to photograph the rides.

It was a perfect night for photoing–temp was 70, skies were clear and there were few people around.

I shot in shutter priority mode, varying my shutter speeds from just under a second to several seconds.

I used a tripod and set my camera’s timer, but later gave up on the timer, as I had to run from ride to ride so I could catch them when they were moving. Using a timer delayed the process too much.

I found out that when I didn’t use a timer my shots were just as sharp as if I did use one.

Gee, you burn up a lot of energy photographing these rides.

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