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Boy at Salvation Mountain

Just as I was going to photograph this sign at Salvation Mountain (a pop religious shrine near the Salton Sea) a boy walked up to it.

I never mind when subjects walk into my images. As a matter of fact, I love it. It adds so much more to my shots.

Not only did I have a really cute subject, I also got some incredible light. It was partly cloudy in the desert late in the day. The sun was shining directly on the sign (and the boy walking up to it).

Alas, I really paid attention to my settings last Sunday when I took this shot on an outing from Palm Springs, CA. Since there was plenty of light, I narrowed my aperture (to f/8) in aperture priority mode (Av mode on a Canon camera). I knew I could get a really sharp shot at a narrow aperture because of all the light around me. The shutter speed still remained fast (1/3200 seconds) even at the narrow aperture.

I also used a low ISO speed (200) to take this shot. I don’t know how many times I’ve set my ISO high for one shot (in low-light), only to forget to lower it for another shot (in good light). The low ISO speed made the shot have not even a little bit of noise.

The moral of this photography how-to narrative is to frequently  check your camera settings when you’re out shooting.

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