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Lovely Levitt

I don’t usually put any other photos on this blog but my own; however, as I was searching my computer for today’s image, I couldn’t resist this one by Helen Levitt. Next month it will have been a year since she died. In that post I also use one of her photos.

In this image, she has a large woman crammed into a phone booth with her two children. I really love the way it’s cropped. She keeps the focus on the subjects and breaks rules.

The phone booth is cut off at the top so the woman and her children are the main subject and not the phone booth. Ingenious.

She also doesn’t follow the rule of thirds. The woman is more toward the middle of the frame (although she is slightly off center from it).

The background is simple. She has only one person in it instead of a crowd. My guess is she took a series of shots and then picked this particular shot from the bunch.

Finally, you got to look at the shoes. The boys shoes and socks add that extra bit of detail that makes a shot so interesting. And the woman is wearing mid-heel slippers. Lovely.

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