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Michael Jackson Lookalike

One thing you have to love about LA is the number of people who impersonate the stars. Nowhere can more people be found doing this than the Hollywood and Highland complex and surrounding area.

While no celebrity would be caught dead at Hollywood and Highland (except when the Academy Awards comes to the Kodak Theater theater), their lookalikes flock there in droves.

I found this guy in the candy store. I wanted to buy him and put him in my living room. (I guess I’ll have to resort to wax figures for that.)  I did the next best thing by shooting his photograph. Of course I asked him to do so ever so politely.

Just like any other lookalike, he was more than happy to oblige.

Now this is an iPhone shot, so I probably won’t want to blow the picture up and hang him on my wall because there will be too much noise.  I can, however, use one of those wonderful iPhone apps to get rid of the noise and even  jazz it up, then blow it up and hang it on the wall so that all my neighbors can admire his tweaked appearance in my living room–almost as good as actually having the real Michael Jackson there.

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