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Mamie Van Doren

I have my share of celebrity photos. I mean I live in Palm Springs and they do come here sometimes.

Today, I’m thinking about Mamie Van Doren. I remember the first time I saw her at the Blonde Bombshell show at M Modern Gallery, I was amazed at how good she looked at 75 (this was about four years ago; Van Doren will be 80 next year).

Mind you, I had never heard of her before then. In seeing her picture again in my files, I just have to review why she is a celebrity.

Howard Hughes met Van Doren after she had been crowned Miss Palm Springs. They dated one another, and he got her parts in the movies. In the 1950s she was in the movies “Teacher’s Pet” and “Untamed Youth.”

Her biggest roles were known for their camp value. If you know any more about her, by all means submit a comment. Oh, by the way, I took the image (as well as most of the images on this blog; you can purchase cheap here).

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