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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Amusement Park Ride

When you photograph amusement park rides at slow shutter speeds you get something akin to a painting, swirling, gyrating, penetrating. Last night I went down to the Indio Date Fest (the Riverside CA County Fair) to photograph the rides. It was a perfect night for photoing–temp was 70, skies were clear and there were few […]

Eiffel Tower with an Added Extra

I’ve written about adding something extra to the frame many times in this blog. It’s the best way to get that WOW shot. I often will hang around famous monuments in big cities such as Paris, waiting for something compelling to come into the frame. I waited about an hour around the Eiffel Tower before […]


When photographing sculpture don’t just think of a statue as a whole. Isolate the parts. Pretend the sculpture is a real live human and photograph that way. In this photo, I caught the toes of a statue at a museum in Berlin. It’s so detailed. The toenails come up sharp in the photo. If you […]