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Slab City Has It All

Does the name “Slab City” sound familiar? Perhaps it does because it was made famous from the flick “Into the Wild,” a story about the guy who traveled around the United States telling everyone he was going to live in the wild in Alaska.

The movie, which was based on a real life story, has the guy making it to Alaska, where he lived in an  abandoned bus that he found in the “wild” and where he lived for several months. His death arrives in the middle of winter, a result of (I won’t tell as I don’t want to give the plot away).

In the movie he visits Slab City near Niland, CA. Slab City at one time was going to be a housing development. The builders got as far as making the slabs of concrete for the houses then stopped and abandoned the project. The property went to the government. It was declared a rent-free zone where anyone who wanted to could move to one of the empty slabs.

Quite a few creative people moved to the home sites, building a lot of weird stuff, like this Christmas car.

Slab City is right next to Salvation Mountain, a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the Salton Sea in California.

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