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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Not Just Another Sunset

This photo looks as if it was manipulated in Photoshop. But it wasn’t. I was jogging with my camera on Laguna Beach in California when I saw all of this beautiful light around me. I pointed the camera in the direction of the sun, snapping a picture. I had a polarizing filter on the camera, […]

Another Person Reading

It was Andre Kertesz who did a series about people reading. I’ve written about him in this post. What’s great about photographing people reading is that each shot has its own character. Take this one for example. You have the umbrella, which adds color to the frame. Then  you have the person reading–a guy slumped […]

Blue Line Trailer Park Art

Consider this: I took a picture of this same sign back in 2005.  It’s changed and so have I. Two things are going on here. Back in 2005, I thought the signs to be more artful if they were isolated from the rest of the scene, identically replicating how they looked back in their heyday […]