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Blue Line Trailer Park Art

Consider this: I took a picture of this same sign back in 2005.  It’s changed and so have I.

Two things are going on here. Back in 2005, I thought the signs to be more artful if they were isolated from the rest of the scene, identically replicating how they looked back in their heyday of the 1950s.

Today, I’ve changed my perspective. After seeing the work of Walker Evans, I became more enamored of the text clutter that surrounds these last vestiges of  mid-century America.

Today I make sure I photograph the signs a number of ways with and without cluttered text around  them.

One thing I do that Evans usually does not is to photograph the signs at an angle (he photographed most of them straight-on). In this photo there is convergence in the sign, definitely a no-no in photography circles. Heck, I don’t care, especially if my friends and family like the image.

And guess what? You can buy the original at imagekind. It looks great on the walls of modern homes.

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