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Dancing in the Streets in Berlin

Summer is just around the corner and Berliners will start ripping off their clothes and dancing in the streets. This guy was one of a pair who performed wildly and adroitly last summer near the entrance to the Brandenburg Gate.

To catch these performers as sharply as possible, set your f/stop as low as it’ll go in aperture priority mode. For some lenses that means 5.6 and on others 2.8 and lower. This will ensure you get the fastest shutter speeds as possible at the same time as getting a decent exposure.

Keep your ISO speeds low if it’s bright and sunny so you get a crystal clear image (ISO 200).  If you don’t keep your ISO speeds low on a sunny day, you’ll get overexposed shots. If it’s cloudy or if the performers are performing in the shade raise your ISO speed to 400.

Another thing you might want to do is set your camera to rapid shooting mode and shoot picture after picture. That way you can pick the cream of the crop.

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