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Not Just Another Sunset

This photo looks as if it was manipulated in Photoshop. But it wasn’t. I was jogging with my camera on Laguna Beach in California when I saw all of this beautiful light around me. I pointed the camera in the direction of the sun, snapping a picture.

I had a polarizing filter on the camera, which helped me to capture all of the light in its stunning glory.

What I got in part of the picture was a circle of blown highlights. Blown highlights are supposed to be a no-no in photography, but I don’t care, I like the effect, especially since it was an in-camera one.

Some might be skeptical about pointing the camera into the sun, thinking it might damage the sensor. That’s a bunch of hogwash. Taking a quick picture of the sun will do nothing to your sensor. It’s another story, though, when you leave your camera sitting in the hot sun all the time. Eventually some damage will be done to the sensor, not to mention other components of the camera.

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