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I’m not one to use Photoshop on my images. One shot, though, an image of a window in in a Machu Picchu structure  begged for a little something extra.

The original shot contained mostly purple-gray tones. The something extra I provided was a bright orange orange to add some WOW contrast.

Since I already had a print of Machu Picchu, I scanned it into my computer.  Then I photographed an orange. Using Photoshop I then selected the orange from the image of it and copied and pasted it  into the window of the Machu Picchu photograph.

The edges of the orange look smooth because I set a feathering value of 3 before I selected it (and after I clicked on the selection tool in the Tool bar, which brings up a place where you can set the feather value in the top menu bar).

You’ll also notice that this isn’t just any orange, it’s a fabulous blood orange so it has a bit of reddish brown on it.

There’s one very important aspect of this tweaked image that needs to be mentioned. While the ruins seem to last forever, the orange wouldn’t in real life.

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