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Radical Hair Style

I posted this photo on my old Digital Traveler blog, and am posting again because it is so bizarre.

It was taken at a museum in Shanghai. The people are waxed figures. You’d never know it by looking at the picture (another great thing about the power of photography).

The scene, I believe, is one from the 1920s-50s. My guess is those are electric curlers. All I can say about it is if there was a short circuit the woman would be fried (if she were real).

I’m pretty sure women nowadays use curling irons. No one today in their right mind would use a set of curlers like this, even if they were still made. Instead they sit in  the salons under hair dryer with curlers on. That’s a much smarter way to do it.

It’s amazing how far humanity went during the middle of the last century to show they they were technologically savvy. We did go to the moon, something that people don’t want to considering doing today because it’s been done already.

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