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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Naked Statue

The grounds (Anella Olímpica) where the 1992 Olympics took place in Barcelona, Spain are dotted with statues that to some would raise eyebrows. You won’t see these kind of statues in a public park in the United States. The United States is too puritan to display art like this publicly. I tried shooting this statue […]

Atget Imitation with Photoshop

Eugene Atget photographed Paris in all its early twentieth century glory. Vast contrasts existed between the old and modern-from old wooden pull carts to more modern carousals. With his keen eye, Atget photographed daily life of the city with cameras, which had almost no adjustments. No one even knows what the focal length of his […]

Candid Subway Shot

This is what I love about still photography. You can catch a moment in time that will never happen again. Expressions on faces, advertisements for braces…people soup. In New York, you get mixtures of people of all ethnic groups, not to mention, old, young, big, small, women and men. Sometimes the people wear clothes and […]

Earth Day Surfboard on a Bike

The first thing I notice about this photograph is the fog in the background. You can’t beat the Southern California fog for a great fantasy-like background. The second thing you’ll notice is that guy carries his surfboard on a bike. Lots of surfers do this. It’s totally eco-friendly. I felt this photograph is a perfect […]

Photograph Your Own Shadow

Andre Kertész, a great 20th century photographer, did a lot of work with shadows in his images. When you’re out photographing, you can forget shadows are there-they’re something you have to look carefully for. Photographing shadows is best early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when they’re long enough to crawl up walls. […]