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Mustang on an iPhone

Mustang made with the Pencil effect in Photo fx.

Yes, you can do this on your iPhone. All you need is the filter app called Photo fx.

You can take any picture you have and create a pencil rendering using the Pencil filter of this app.

Photo fx is made by the folks at Tiffen. That company is usually known for making the glass filters that you attach to the end of lenses. Yes, indeedy, they’ve gotten into the app business, including most of the the lens filters they make in the app.  You can use the app to apply any one of more than a hundred filter effects.

This pencil filter that comes with the app is by far the best pencil effect of all the apps available for the iPhone camera (yes, other apps offer a pencil effect).

To learn how to do all this, pick up a copy of my new book “Killer Photos with Your iPhone.”

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