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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Music Concourse–Golden Gate Park

This is the Northern end of the bandshell in Golden Gate Park. The structure, which was finished being built in 1900, was damaged a few short years later in the 1906 earthquake. In order to shoot this I walked to the south side (where this side structure meets the bandshell) and aimed my camera up […]

Now That’s Attractive

Gee, I could not resist this shot. While it’s not the most attractive person filling the center of the frame, the elements, the color and, yes, the man are fascinating. The mere facts that he sits on a patterned box with his rump exposed  and his Chicago Bulls bag is placed so it shows up […]

More about the Camp

There’s a very eerie sense to this picture. The green of the grass and its golden tops wave in the wind. The building is ominous. The windows of it boarded up. There is drabby repetition. Everything seems cold even though the weather was warm. I’ve written about this place before. This is Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp […]

Left to the Elements

A long time ago this vehicle traveled the highways. Today, the windshield and door are missing A look inside offers one a gaping hole to look out through. The view offers a look at dry, wind-swept land where the elements have made their mark. Few things survive here. Plants have tiny, slender leaves, animals, when […]