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Film photography has become enormously popular among a new group of photographers called lomographers. The movement is based on an old Soviet-era camera, the Lomo Kompakt Automat (LC-A).  Lomographers shoot frequently and spontaneously at any time of the day or night not paying too much attention to technicalities.

According to lomography.com (http://www.lomography.com/about/the-ten-golden-rules) there are 10 Golden Rules to lomography. They all have to do with being a creative shooter. Lomography is a celebration of the simplicity of analog photography. There are no technical requirements.

The ten rules include the following ideas:

1.     Always have your camera with you.

2.     Take a picture whenever you want.

3.     Make the camera part of your life.

4.     Shoot without looking through the viewfinder.

5.     Get to know your subjects.

6.     Don’t think about what you are doing.

7.     Shoot quickly.

8.     You don’t have to know what you’ve shot when you shoot it.

9.     You don’t have to recognize a shot when you get your film back.

10.    Forget photography and other rules.

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