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Klimas Will Blow You Away

Martin Klimas is an incredible photographer. This image, courtesy of Foley Gallery, takes extreme skill to produce.

The photographer drops the vase of flowers in a controlled environment (a dark room), setting the strobe so that it goes off when the clay from the vase cracks. He take several images and finds the one that is just right.

Klimas is one of the many photographers who are included in the book, New Image Frontiers–Defining the Future of Photography.

This book wouldn’t have been possible without Michael Foley, Laurence Miller, John Maloof, David Nitche, Arthur Coleman, Gary Ortman, Robert Contrears, Betty Meyers Pauwels, Kris Krug,  Susanna Kraus,  Rene G. Boscio, , Courtney Ott, Henry Posner and Vik Orenstein and the companies Innovafoto and Pandigital for their contributions to the book.

The book comes out next month.

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