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Making a Movie from Your Images Using iMovie

For you Mac users, there is software that comes with your computer that allows you to make a slideshow movie with your images, set it to music, and save it as a movie file or upload it directly to YouTube.

To do this, find iMovie in your Applications folder, open it, and navigate to

File > New Project.

Click and drag your images from the appropriate folder into the area where it says Drag Media Here to Create a New Project. When you are dragging images, a light-green line will let you know where they are going. After you’re finished dragging your images, you can change the order by clicking and dragging them around. To view your show, click on the Play button at the bottom of the thumbnail display.


To delete, make a selection and navigate to Delete > Selection.

To change the timing of the slideshow, drag the cursor over the first slide and click on the timer icon that comes up. Input the duration for each slide in the dialog box that comes up.

To add music, click on the musical note icon. The music files that you have on iTunes will come up. Click and drag the song you want up to the first photo thumbnail in your iMovie. You’ll then see the name of your music file in a green strip below your thumbnail images.


To control the amount of time the music fades in at the beginning of your show and fades out at the end, click on the speaker icon and adjust the Fade In and Out sliders, respectively.

To add text to your first slide (make a title slide), click on the T icon. A choice of text options will appear for the layout of your text. They will include images, but those images are only samples. They will not be used when your text comes up in your project. To add text to your first slide, just click and drag one of the text sample frames on top of your first slide. You’ll see a text frame appear above the frame for your image. In the viewer portion of the window, select the text by clicking and dragging over it and then type in the text you want. The image above shows you what your window will look like when you type in your text.

You can add text to your slideshows with iMovie.

To save the movie as a .m4v file, navigate to Share > Export Movie. To save the movie as a .mov file (one that can be read in Windows using QuickTime), navigate to Share > Export Using Quicktime.

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