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Monthly Archives: April 2011

Best Sandcastles Ever!

When you were a kid do you remember lazy beach days building sandcastles and watching them be washed away by the waves. The temporary art these days has gone big-time. Every other year Berlin hosts Sandstation, an extravaganza of sand sculptures so refined that they look alive. The sand sculptures dot the banks of the […]

William Eggleston Retrospective

These days, there’s no modern art museums you can go to that won’t have something–books, images, exhibitions–by William Eggleston. From LACMA to MOMA he’s there. He’s everywhere–one of the few famous photographers from the mid-twentieth century who’s still around. A little background on the artist will help you to understand why he is so popular: […]

Skew and Saturation Tweaks in Photoshop and Other Photoshop Tips

Dramatic changes in an image are possible with some tweaks in Photoshop. The image on the left before I tweaked in Photoshop has two flaws: 1. The building has converging lines (the side slants inward). 2. The colors are dull. When I first saw this image, I knew exactly what tweaks to make because I’ve […]

New Take on Future of Cameras

NEWS FLASH–The future of the cell phone camera update… This prototype has the functionality of a dSLR camera (interchangable lenses) and works with a mobile device. This innovative camera, the Camera Futura, has been envisioned to answer the problem of  the antiquated system of the dSLR camera. The camera will possess the following qualities: Apps […]