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Henry Cartier-Bresson

As a photojournalist, Henri Cartier-Bresson founded the Magnum Photos (see history of agency), which has a library of images that cover the time period from the Spanish Civil War to today.

He developed street/candid photography as an art and was one of the first to use 35mm film.

Early in his career, he traveled the world, photographing fine details of humanity. In 1952, his book Images à la sauvette (The Decisive Moment) was published.

Often called a snap-shooter, Cartier-Bresson was not taken seriously by some because of the time it took to get his shot. But, indeed, he had a gifted eye for detail and composition. In many of his images, he sought to get an interaction between the subject and the lens.

The best way to sum up the style of Cartier-Bresson is with a quote from Truman Capote  who wrote about a Cartier-Bresson’s use of multiple cameras : “I remember once watching Bresson at work on a street in New Orleans—dancing along the pavement like an agitated dragonfly…click-click-click (the camera seems part of his own body) clicking away with a joyous intensity, a religious absorption.”

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