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Hungry and Homeless

Traveling the outskirts of downtown LA brings forth a plethora of contradictions. Here is this homeless man with a sign that says “Homeless, will work for  food.”  When you see this guy, he’s obviously big and probably eats more than he should. But that doesn’t mean he’s getting proper nutrition.

Think about it. What does he eat? You might guess cheap fast food. Cheap fast food makes you fat quickly and gives you a host of health problems.

This man wants to work, but who will hire him? He doesn’t look as if he can move around adroitly. Who knows? Maybe he’s intelligent. He has to be good at something.

I can continue thinking about this guy and come up with a litany of discourse speculating  about where he was born, how did he get here, what has he done in lifetime, where is his mother and how does he get around.

This is LA. It’s supposed to be the land of glamor, movie stars and BMWs, not big people at bus stops soliciting donations for food. LA is a land of contradictions; just drive around the back roads of downtown, and your camera will fill up with them.

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