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Harry Callahan emulation

Famous photographers of the 20th century defined architecture of the period. Harry Callahan was a famous photographer who created  unique image of repeating patterns in architecture.

Images by Harry Callahan used building windows to show patterns of light and shapes that intrigue. It’s an easy process to emulate a Harry Callahan building image, the first thing you have to do is find an image that contains all windows.

The original image I used for emulation had a nice set of 25 repeating windows oriented in the same way as the windows in Callahan’s image; however, the image contained converging lines.

In order to get rid of the converging lines, I selected the entire image and then navigated to Edit>Tranform>Skew in Photoshop and stretched the image by and clicking and dragging, first in the left hand corner than the right hand corner until the windows lined up with the guides (guides can be clicked and dragged from the borders of your image).

The image here what I came up with. It’s the same general idea as a Harry Callahan image except there are fewer differences in the tones and texture of the windows. Only one window at the bottom is different than the others because the light is turned on in the room and you can see it through the window.

One of my goals in photography is to emulate famous photographers.  Click on the picture to see my book about that process.

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