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Inle Lake

Inle lake is one of the  most enchanting spots in the world. I’ve written about it extensively on my other blog, Digital Traveler.

At any time of day the clouds billow over the hills that wind around the lake. Long canoe-like boats travel, filled with smiling people holding open umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun and rain.

Among the bright green leaves of the dense foliage that line the shore, butterflies look like fluttering flowers. Sunflowers erupt with with their own version of yellow, dozens of them rise among grassy fields.

The custom when traveling on Inle lake is to wave and smile at everyone you pass. If passersby are close enough chime your voice to make the sound of mingalaba, a warming hello that is echoed back as a song with long emphasis on the vowels–miiiiing-gaaaa-laaaa-baaaa.

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