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Most of the time I’m not really into photographing flowers, so I don’t really don’t write macro lens reviews. Aside from that,  just about everyone else takes pictures of flowers and writes about lens reviews of macro lenses. Most of the time I use a Canon L Series 24-105 mm lens, that really doesn’t do the greatest job with macro photography.

Even though I don’t write lens reviews about macro lenses for dSLR cameras, I do have a lens review  of a point-and-shoot camera I have used to photograph flowers

I decided to write a lens review of the Carl Zeiss lens on the  Sony Cybershot DSC-H5 because it excels at taking up-close pictures of flowers.

When I do shoot flowers with this camera, I hold it some distance away from the flower until I see that it’s sharp on the LCD screen and then snap the shot.

I have taken a number of flower images. I look for flowers that have the sun shining on them. With the additional light, the camera produces vivid, saturated colors. You can get even deeper colors if you lower your exposure compensation to negative values.

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