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Listening Skills

As photographers sometimes we think we know everything about picture-taking. It’s as if we have no listening skills while a camera is in our hand.  Our eyes see and frame everything, never missing a thing; we hear nothing. Once we escape from ourselves and note that other people in the world see creatively we find that their opinions count.

Whether it is a brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, friend, husband, wife or partner, photographers can use their listening skills to find and frame a good image.

This picture is the result my expanded listening skills. Grant it, when my partner told me about how to frame this picture, he had to practically hit me to get my attention. I had a camera in my hand. I knew all. I was, after all, a photographer. Fortunately, he did get my attention and dragged me over to this statue and told me how to frame it to make it look fascinating. I listened. I used my listening skills to take a good photograph.

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