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Man with Message and Blogspot Domain Name Change

Walking in San Francisco’s streets  can offer many surprises. When I first passed by this guy, I saw his sign and took a close-up of it. Then a few yards later, I thought that it would be a more compelling shot had I gotten a picture of the guy behind the sign.

Here he is.

I wanted to ask him for a business plan, but I think that may have put him on the spot.

Just goes to show you that when you photograph on the streets, catch not only the text, but also people who represent it.

By the way, I just had my first domaine name change on Blogspot. My Book of Signs blog went from being bookofsigns.blogspot.com to retrosignblog.com. It cost only ten bucks when you go through buy it through the Blogspot (Navigate to Settings>Publishing>Custom Domain and follow the prompts).

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