Text and Image Photography

New Images Photography

Photographing Landscapes with People

Adding people (in this case a couple of guys) to a landscape is one way to keep it from looking like wallpaper as many landscapes do. In this shot the two guys appear to be looking at something; perhaps, they have found something. This leaves a question in the viewer’s mind: What did they find? When a viewer ends up asking a question about a photograph, he/she looks at it longer. The time viewers take to look at a photograph is important in determining its interest level.

A bird flying nearby creates more impact in the photograph. There isn’t anybody who doesn’t like to see a bird in flight. The bird flying also keeps eyes looking at the photograph.

Finally, the guys are just off center in the photograph. Placing subjects just off center in a photograph is a great composition technique. After all, you always want to take a photograph with compelling composition.

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