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Skew and Saturation Tweaks in Photoshop and Other Photoshop Tips

Before tweaking in Photoshop

After tweaking in Photoshop

Dramatic changes in an image are possible with some tweaks in Photoshop.

The image on the left before I tweaked in Photoshop has two flaws:

1. The building has converging lines (the side slants inward).

2. The colors are dull.

When I first saw this image, I knew exactly what tweaks to make because I’ve done it so many times before.

To make the image contain deeper colors and to straighten the building, I performed four Photoshop steps, one when I first opened it in Camera Raw and three more in the main program.

1. In the Camera Raw window adjust the “Vibrance” and “Saturation” so the colors are deep, but without blown highlights (one solid color in a specified area.

2. Select the entire picture

3. Navigate to Edit>Transform>Skew

4. Move the arrow icon to the upper left corner until it changes shade, then click and drag to the left until the building is straight.

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