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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Vintage Television Set

In my latest effort to get my work out on the Internet, offering it for sale, I spent some time today revamping an image I’ve had for 7 years. Since then Photoshop has changed and is much better at eliminating noise and other bothersome artifacts. I had to use Photoshop raw to blur my background […]

Famous Photographer

Rodchenko was a famous photographer who placed his subjects in photographs a good distance from the foreground. A good example of Rodchenko’s trademark style is the image “Woman with a Leica.” There’s a good deal of foreground before you see the woman. What’s more, is that the foreground is covered with intriguing square shadows. Since […]

Camera Aperture

If you’re a beginning photographer and are constantly getting soft (blurred) photos, consider changing your camera aperture. If you camera has Aperture Priority mode, shoot in that mode so you can widen your camera aperture to stop action. Have you ever wanted an action shot to be sharp, but only gotten blur? If so, you […]

Camera Setting

You may think camera setting is an easy chore, something you really don’t have to think about once you know the subject you are shooting. Camera setting is the act of setting your camera before you shoot. Since I’m mostly a street photographer, I set my camera to the largest aperture, which on my general […]