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Tanks in a Desolate Land

Where are these military tanks going?

Where are these military tanks going? I saw them yesterday while driving around the Salton Sea about 60 miles south of Palm Springs. They were headed south.

The only cities in the United States south of where I saw the train are Brawley and El Centro. The Army National Guard is in Brawley and the Naval Air Facility is in El Centro. My guess is that the tanks were headed toward Brawley, which is about 20 miles from where I saw the train.

I could be wrong, though, especially if the train makes a turn to the southwest, which would put it in San Diego. That city is full of military bases.

I took this shot through the windshield of a moving car. Taking such shot as these requires a good lens, one that is fast. The lens I used has a f/2.8 focal length.

If you are looking for images to take for art purposes, find ones that have people speculating about what’s happening in the picture. When I saw this photo op, the first thing I thought is: “Where are these tanks going?”

Viola, a little time on the Internet and a little time blogging about a picture almost helped answer the question I had about it.

To what destination do you think are these tanks headed?

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