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Aaron Siskind Emulation

Aaron Siskind was a master at turning wall scrawl into art. He’d take a close-up of graffiti,  peeling paint and/or other aberrations of surfaces he found and make them into abstract art. Siskind was one of several photographers who could could be classified as an abstract artist.

Siskind was a member of the Photo League, which was an organization of photographers that focused on working communities in America. The photographers in the organization also promoted what were considered controversial ideas. This led to Siskind and other photographers to be blacklisted as suspected communists during the McCarthy era.

The picture on the left is an emulation of Siskind’s work. The whole idea here is creative, yet bizarre–the cat’s head; the ripped playing card (a ten of hearts in black-and-white); the legs divided into two by short length of the Capri pants.

Siskind also photographed divers (another emulation here using a street dancer) who he shot while they were in mid-air against a blank sky. Siskind caught the bodies so that they were configured into different amorphous shapes in the frame.

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