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If you’re a beginning photographer and are constantly getting soft (blurred) photos, consider changing your camera aperture. If you camera has Aperture Priority mode, shoot in that mode so you can widen your camera aperture to stop action.
Have you ever wanted an action shot to be sharp, but only gotten blur? If so, you need to learn about camera aperture.

Aperture is how wide your lens is open. Aperture Priority mode is when you choose the camera aperture and your camera then sets the shutter speed. If your camera aperture is open wide, the shutter will open and close quickly so there isn’t too much light going through the lens. The faster your shutter opens and closes, the sharper your image will be.

Camera apertures vary according to the lens you have on your camera. Some lenses have apertures of f/2.8, which is extremely wide. Other cameras have apertures that aren’t as wide, say, for example, f/4 or f/5.6. When you keep your camera’s aperture open wide, the subject will be sharp, but the background is likely to be soft.

If you can’t set the aperture of your camera, find a setting that does it automatically. Any Sports setting will set a wide aperture on your lens.

Another way you can set your aperture so the lens opens wide when the shutter opens, is to set your camera to Shutter Priority mode. Shutter Priority mode lets you control the shutter speed (the speed at which the shutter opens and closes) while the camera sets the aperture. If you set your camera to a very fast shutter speed, say, 1/6000 seconds, your aperture will open wide and the shutter will open and close very quickly. This is a good setting shooting the sky, but not good for shooting an action shot. If you shoot an action shot this way, the resulting image is likely to be underexposed, too dark.

As for me, I almost always have my camera set to a wide aperture (f/4) so I can stop action on the street.

I’ll write more about settings in my next post.

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