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Bay to Breakers is just one big party.

While it might not look like it on its Home Page, the Bay to Breakers is just one great big party. The 2011 Bay to Breakers race took place this last Sunday.  To be sure, there were winners; but they are a small lot limited to the front of the race, leaving the start line early and arriving at the finish line early.

Pictures of fast runners are good; I did get a few good ones of these athletes, but the rest of the race is where the real photo ops lie.

This one shows a man clad in nearly nothing (okay, nothing). Other people run the gamut of weird outfits from those who dress up as pirates to those who prefer infant wear (diapers).

These images are from 2008. I think it’s the best time I’ve ever had being a photographer. Many of the images are included in the book, The 50 Greatest Photo Opportunities in San Francisco.

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