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camera setting

When there is a lot of light I set my ISO speed low

You may think camera setting is an easy chore, something you really don’t have to think about once you know the subject you are shooting. Camera setting is the act of setting your camera before you shoot.

Since I’m mostly a street photographer, I set my camera to the largest aperture, which on my general purpose lens (Canon L series 24-105 mm) is f/4. During the day, my ISO camera setting can range from 100-400 depending upon how much sun there is. At dusk and dawn my ISO camera setting is set to 800.

The most frequent error I make is forgetting to reset my ISO speed the morning after a dusk shoot. I end up shooting at an ISO of 800, my camera setting the night before, taking dozens of images, which leave me wondering why my images are slightly overexposed. Sometimes the camera won’t shoot at all if the ISO speed is 800 because too much light is coming in through the lens onto a very sensitive sensor.

Another error I make is leaving the camera on Al Servio, the camera setting I use when I’m shooting from a car or when I am panning the camera. When I leave my camera setting in Al Servio and attempt to shoot standing still or with a tripod, I can’t reset my focus and the autofocus never beeps. All day yesterday, I was wondering what was wrong with my camera, until I realized I had left the camera setting on Al Servio.

If you’re nodding right now because you’ve made similar camera setting errors, please comment and tell your story.

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