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Chance are that Dreamstime won't accept this photo.

I’m back in the microstock business. I look at it as more of a hobby than work. It gives me time to mull over the photographs I have taken these past few years.

Most microstocks sell their photos as royalty-free, meaning that there is a one-time cost to the buyer. The agencies offer photos at a low price. The price varies according to the size and type of the photo. If the photo is of a professional model, it will cost more and the photographer will make more. High res images cost more than low res one. If you are a buyer and you purchase, say, ten photos that are high res, the prices add up quickly so that it could cost you well over $100.

I’ve opted to use only one microstock agency–Dreamstime. I want to remain exclusive to this agency because it pays a little more than if you are nonexclusive, which means you sell with other microstock agencies. I also don’t want to deal with another agency because dealing in microstock pays little and I have better-paying gigs, which I have to make time for.

Dreamstime and other microstock photo agencies are extremely picky about the photos they will accept. The number one rule is that they have to be sharp as seen on your monitor at 100% resolution.

Sometimes editors at Dreamstime will outwardly reject a photo. They will tell you what’s wrong with it, so it’s like getting a free critique of your work. Sometimes they will let you work on it some to adjust the brightness and contrast before accepting it.

In conclusion, I’m not so much selling my photos for the money than I am for the experience doing it. I end up writing about much of what I do either in my blogs or books. If you’re going to make money on the Internet with your photography, this should be only a small part of your work because the competition is extremely tough. There are millions of photos on the site and the chance of buyers seeing yours isn’t guaranteed.

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