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Mary Higgins Clark

mary higgins clark

Mary Higgins Clark is one of the most prolific writers of our time.

With camera hanging from my shoulder, I roamed the Los Angeles Times Book Festival at the University of Southern California campus ready to snap every author I saw. While I was shooting, I hadn’t recognized any of the authors. I assumed that the people signing books who didn’t have a special program or talk were not yet well-known.

My assumption was wildly wrong. I got home, looked for a picture for this blog post to write about and found a compelling image of an older woman with sunglasses on signing a book.

I was pleasantly surprised, when I found out the woman was Mary Higgins Clark, one of the most prolific fiction writers of our time. Gee, I have even read some of her books.

It was an interesting process as to how I figured it out. I zoomed in on the book she was signing and saw her name. I didn’t believe it when I saw it so I typed her name into Google Images. As soon as I saw the images popped up all over the screen, I became dumbfounded. “That’s her!” I said out loud, talking to myself.

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