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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Slab City Fun

Another Slab City photo op. Here in this land of nothingness lies junk that is valued. People come from all over the country to see Slab City, a place where people settle on land that costs them nothing. You can find people here who have successful businesses in solar energy to the truly down-and-out struggling […]

Bay to Breakers Photography

While it might not look like it on its Home Page, the Bay to Breakers is just one great big party. The 2011 Bay to Breakers race took place this last Sunday.  To be sure, there were winners; but they are a small lot limited to the front of the race, leaving the start line […]


I’m back in the microstock business. I look at it as more of a hobby than work. It gives me time to mull over the photographs I have taken these past few years. Most microstocks sell their photos as royalty-free, meaning that there is a one-time cost to the buyer. The agencies offer photos at […]