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cats, kitty cats

Bet you’re thinking, ahhhh, they’re so cute. Some of the best photo ops are pictures of pictures. I think Barry Newman of the Wall Street Journal said it best in a January, 2011 article entitled, “If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, How about a Picture of a Picture?”

I’m sure that you’ve tried taking pictures of pictures. I’ve found the best ones to shoot are those that are backlit. Now that you know my secret, I’ll let you know about the professional picture-of-a-picture taker guy.

Tom Powel uses tungston quarts lamps to eliminate the glare from the pictures he takes pictures of (paintings he photographs). The paintings are originally made from photographs. They’re odd to say the least. For example, the artist will take a photograph of shoes with some sort of weird goop on them. Then she’ll manipulate it in Photoshop. Finally, she’ll reproduce it by  in a painting, creating a product that sells for $100,000. Powel makes $2,000 a day photographing the artist’s work for catalogs.

While this picture of a picture of cats isn’t worth that much; it will brighten the mood of cat-lovers. That’s good enough for me.

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