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Pretzel Cart

pretzel cart New York City

How’s about a pretzel? New York City is home to nearly 3000 food carts. The carts are clean and the pretzels are soft and hot. The regulations guiding these food vender carts are stiff. The place has to be clean or its taken off the street. Eating one off the street is as safe as eating one in a mall.

The pretzel carts make a particularly good photo op. Take the pretzel cart to the left. It was in a perfect place to get the colors saturated (including the gradient blue sky behind). Whenever you have the late afternoon sun shining on a sign or other type of colorful architecture, the colors get saturated from the sunlight. The photo is an entirely different kind of experience when it is taken with the sun behind it. That experience would be disappointing–blasting white sky, dull shadowed colors.

Light is the most important factor you’ll deal with in photography. Look for the sun shining on objects in the early morning and late afternoon. You can saturate the colors even more by lowering your exposure composition to a negative value when you are taking the shot or reducing the exposure in Photoshop Raw during postprocessing.

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