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Shall We Dance?

shall we dance
This is an image hand-painted poster for the movie “Shall We Dance.” It was playing in Myanmar when I visited there in 2005. I thought it was incredible how they painted all of their advertisements for movies by hand.

The image was shot in the capitol city of Yangon, home of the Shwedagon Pagoda. The city is a rag-tag of French Colonial architecture, battered and bruised, but still has a special charm.

When you go to Myanmar, you’re better off with a guide. You must carry your passport and visa with you all the time. I made my travel plans from a travel agent in Thailand, and had no trouble once I was in the country. The guide took care of any problems I might have had if I were on my own, including the officials asking him about my camera (which at the time was a Canon Rebel).

I did get sick because I was not very smart when I gobbled up some seafood at a buffet the guide took us to. That put me out for a few days.

The full story about my trip is at the Digital Traveler Blog.

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