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Tutorial for Photoshop: Enhance Sky

In this tutorial for Photoshop, you’ll be able to enhance the sky of your photograph in a snap. While this tutorial for Photoshop isn’t as efficient as other more complex tutorials for Photoshop, it does the job in most cases.

Ice skating image to be used in tutorial for Photoshop.













First you navigate to View>Channels. Then click the eye off of all the Color Channels except for Red.

photoshop color channels

Turn off all Photoshop Color Channels except for Red.













Open the same file so that there are two on your Desktop, one color and one black-and-white. Click on the color photo. Navigate to Image>Mode>Lab Color. Open the Layers palette by navigating to Window>Layers. Click on the Lightness Channel. Next, click on the black-and-white photo. Select all of it with the Rectangular Marquee Tool in the Tools Palette. Click on the Move Tool in the Tools Palette.

Final enhanced image.

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