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Vintage Television Set

In my latest effort to get my work out on the Internet, offering it for sale, I spent some time today revamping an image I’ve had for 7 years.

Since then Photoshop has changed and is much better at eliminating noise and other bothersome artifacts. I had to use Photoshop raw to blur my background so the noise would go away. I used the luminance sliders, moving them to the right. Usually that works, but it didn’t all the way because I had so much noise (the original photo was scanned from film).

I had to use Smart Blur in Photoshop CS5’s main program to finish it off. I’m glad the image still has some discoloration; as I don’t want it to look crispy new like a digital photograph. It’s supposed to be vintage.

Fitting the Image Into the Television Set

So how did I get Peter Lawford on the screen in the first place? I found him on the Internet and copy and pasted the image onto my image of the vintage television set. I then fit the image onto the television screen, cutting off the extra amounts by selecting it with the Lasso Tool. Before I selected it, I made sure to put in a feathering value of 2 so the edges would remain smooth. Next, I clicked on Select>Inverse and hit the Delete key. Viola the image almost fit into the vintage television set. All I had to do was scale it by clicking on Edit>Transform>Scale and clicking and dragging the image until it fit snugly into the television set.

This isn’t the first vintage television set I’ve tweaked. There is another.

You can buy the image in a number of forms at Fine Art America.

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