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Canon 5D Mark II Video

Video speeds or frame rates have become important specifications on still cameras. The video speed is the speed at which the camera makes image frames. It’s measured in frames per second. The television standard is 30 fps, whereas film is shot at 24 fps, each with has its own unique effects.

When the Canon 5D Mark II came out, it had only one frame rate—the television standard of 30 fps. Film makers wanted 24 fps for the cinematic effect it gives. In 2010, Canon created a firmware update, which that enabled the camera to record at the slower frame rate. Naturally, this made filmmakers very happy.

The other measure to look for are is the horizontal scan lines of resolution. The value 720p refers to high-definition video-shooting capabilities in digital cameras, the resolution at which many point-and-shoot digital cameras are capable of shooting video at. The Canon 5D Mark II (and the 7D) can shoot at 1080 p, which is why so many filmmakers are using the camera.

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