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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Entering Cuba

The photography exhibition at the Getty in LA is called, “A Revolutionary Project: Cuba from Walker Evans to Now.” If you have an interest in the socialist revolutionaries of twentieth century, you’ll find this exhibition fascinating. If not, you’ll yawn. From images of Che Guevara to who else but Fidel Castro, you can almost smell […]

Five Tips for Great Flower Photographs

After writing an intense post on my other blog, the Digital Traveler, I’m ready for some flowers. I spent yesterday at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, which is a great place to photograph flowers. Here are some tips for photographing them: 1. Get the right lens. Step away from the flower(s), set your aperture […]

Desktop Fine Art Photo Printers

Printers come on all shapes and sizes. An ordinary color printer won’t meet the needs of a fine art digital photographer. Large stand-alone printers are used by many professionals, but they are pricy and take up an entire room of a house. What does a photographer who starting out selling fine art photography prints start […]