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PC verses Mac

Back in 2007, when Darren Rowse, the creator of the Digital Photography School blog asked his readers about which computer they use for post processing; he got 143 comments.

Most comments were favorable to both types of computers. It just depended upon what the photographer has been using all along. People who have had PCs, stick with PCs; people with Macs, stick with Macs.

Many PC users are leary of switching to Macs because their favorite software will only run on Windows. I believe that shouldn’t stop you from trying out a Mac, as their are programs that you can use to run a Mac on Windows (albeit, it doesn’t work very well). Soon, most everything will be in “the cloud,” so it won’t matter what type of computer you have.

Just about everyone knows that the advantages of the Mac make it the preferred type of computer to buy. The Mac’s virus-resistant platform is probably why most people consider the Mac, not to mention the ease with which the operating system works.

The only drawback of a Mac, which keeps people from purchasing one is that Macs are more expensive, which is why people stick with their PCs.

It used to be that websites and software were made mostly for PCs; however, I don’t believe that is the case now. Most programs and websites work with Macs.

I do, however, know of one site, tutor.com, that only works with a PC. In order to get a job there or be a client, you have to have a PC.

If you’re making a choice between the two machines, I’d opt for the Mac. It’s just made better, even though it is a bit more pricey.

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