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men smoking

By State Library of New South Wales collection

My article about searching photo sharing websites is up at BrightHub.  

I use an example for a search of  “smoking men,” which turns up some pretty amusing images.

This idea came up when I was having a conversation with a friend, who told me he found some compelling images under those keywords.

If you want to search on a photo sharing website efficiently, read my article–it’s humorous for such a dry topic.

The image above was found by searching for, what else than, “men smoking.” The photo has no copyright restrictions, which means you can use it too.

Just for the record, you can use images from Flickr for your website (most of the time, credit needs to be given with a link to the photographer’s website) by clicking where it says “The Commons” on the drop-down menu bar to the left of the search box.

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