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Larger Sensor Cameras Go Mirrorless

Olympus mirrorless camera. Image by Quail Graphics

What is a mirrorless camera? How does it work?

Mirrorless cameras are new cameras put out by Sony, Panasonic and Olympus that contain sensors that are the same size as entry level dSLR cameras.

While point-and-shoot cameras have sensors less than a quarter of the size of mirrorless cameras, they have, up until now, attracted amateur photographers of all stripes.

Since the mirrorless cameras have come along, they are taking market share away from both point-and-shoot models and dSLR models (larger cameras with big sensors, interchangeable lenses and mirrors).

This is the camera that is next on my list to purchase. I want a smaller lighter camera that functions as well as a dSLR to carry around with me all the time.

For more about these new cameras go here for another article I’ve written about them.

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